By realization of each project, teams of our experts do different stages of the complete realization of the object:

Inspection of your property – this is the first stage of the completely process of furnishing. During the inspection our designers take needed sizes and consult you about the positioning of the furniture, as they suggest to you different solutions connected with the newest interior trends, they saw during European furniture fairs.

Architectural photo – this data is used for enclosing elements, namely: external walls, floor and roof. Lack of technical documentation – i.e. architectural plan and changes, made by basic repair, reorganization and reconstruction make the architectural photo of the object necessary. It is made by design experts after detailed research, measuring and data processing.

Interior designing – by this initial stage from designing are determined the main functions of separate elements from the rooms, bring in a diagram separate groups of furniture. Main purpose of this part of general plan is to find the sensible compromise between speciality of the room, the idea of the client for the future interior, functionality and conditions for comfort. By many cases this first stage undergoes changes by next stages of the design, but its main role is to give the main starting points for work on future interior. Here are concreted separate elements in furnishing and are chosen concrete products, which will present at future interior – tables, chairs, upholstered furniture etc. The choice of elements for furnishing is consistent with client’s preference and budget determined for realization of the interior. Our purpose is not to choose the furniture instead of the client, but to help him in the choice, having in mind the combination of separate elements in the interior, ergonomic and functional indicators of different furniture. Usually this part of the project is developed parallel with color decision for the interior, as in a large measure chosen furniture is determining for the color of the project.

3D visualizations – by this way client could get clearer picture for color range, selection and location of the furniture, floorings, lighting and decoration. The visualization is device for control of the project. This gives the possibility to be done a number of corrections before to start the realization of the interior. Often the objects, which are realized without visualization, bring a lot of surprises, for client as well as for the designer. Visualization gives the possibility to choose different versions from disputable elements in the interior, which could not be compared only through plans, verbal description and ideas.

Furnishing of apartment sample – creating a sample of apartment during building of housing estate is unique method to approach, applied as a part from policy of Carlo Danielli for in detail introducing to the investors client with the interior of their future home.

Delivery and assembly – Carlo Danielli has at its disposal trained logistical and assembly teams, who do quality assembling everywhere in the country.

We offer:

» Observing terms – excellent keeping the contractual date for delivery and assembly - we have at our disposal functional logistic system and a number of assembly teams, serving the territory of the whole country!

» Approved quality - for manufacture of our products we use high quality materials. You can convince yourself in this statement by our guarantee periods and mostly we follow the approved principle, that satisfied clients are the best advertisement!

» Flexible prices – our price policy is based on the principle of big turnover, which gives us the possibility to be adaptive for every client!

» Save time – this characteristic of our general product is UNIQUE – we offer absolutely complete set for the service “Completing and furnishing”, which allows you to rule better over your time, needed for operative activity of your organization.